HPX Series            SAFETY FEATURES

                 High/Low Press Switches

                 Condensate Over Flow Switch

                 Overload Protection

                 Anti-Short Cycle Relays

                 Lock Out Relays


CABINET- Stainless Steel, Insulated Evaporator Section, Access Panels

DRAIN PAN- Stainless Steel, Insulated

BLOWERS- Centrifugal Galvanized Wheel, X13 ECM Motor

REFRIGERANT CIRCUITS- Thermal Expansion Valve 1 Circuit

EXCHANGER COIL- Coaxial Cupronickel Heat Exchanger

EVAPORATIVE COIL- Copper Tubes, Aluminum Fins


Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump Units


Manuals & Specifications

EER Ratings


1.5 Ton   

2.0 Ton    27.6

2.5 Ton    26

3.0 Ton    23.5

3.5 Ton    21.4

4.0 Ton    27

5.0 Ton  22

6.0 Ton

Dehumidification System


Aqua Dry System

AHRI Certificate


HPX Series


1.5 Ton

2.0 Ton

2.5 Ton

3.0 Ton

3.5 Ton

4.0 Ton

5.0 Ton

6.0 Ton

Thermostat  T755H

(Programmable - Dehumidification Control)



Installation Manual

Operational Manual


Geothermal Units






Installation Options




How Heat Pumps Work


Manuals & Specifications


Stimulus Tax Credits



Conventional Heating & Air Conditioning


Air & Heat Pump Systems

Consider  geothermal water source heat pumps as the main focus on your next housing, apartment, or condo project. Offer YOUR customers a super energy efficient living space, a home that will save them real money.


We offer community developers a volume sales and installation program to assure the neighborhood being designed and built is one above all the others. Great Marketing!


 Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning!









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