Geothermal Heat Pump



Geothermal heat pump units, kits, and components for the installation is also available.

This design is a stand model and is the most common sold and installed. Can be place in a garage or closet. You have a choice of which side you need the return air, left or right. Sizes from 1.5 ton to 6 ton residential.

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Geothermal Vertical Units

Geothermal horizontal units are perfect where height space is an issue. Designed to lay down and you have several option in the configuration. Sizes from 1.5 ton to 6 ton residential.

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Geothermal Horizontal Units

Geothermal water to water source heat pumps are unique and are utilized in several applications. Call for your hydronic or heating project.

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Geothermal Water to Water Units

Geothermal commercial units are designed and build to the meet the contractors specifications. These models come in several sizes, custom built from 7.5 to 80 tons.

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Geothermal Commercial Units

Geothermal Split Units come complete with a WSHP Exchanger and a matching Air Handler. The separation design is convenient when replacing existing air to air and converting to Geothermal. Air handler come in vertical & horizontal. The Exchanger can be place indoors or outside. Many options available.

Geothermal Split Units - Water to Air

Geothermal Roof Top Units are custom built to order and handle all specifications and configurations. Super energy efficient unit will save real money and conserve energy.

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Geothermal Roof Top Units

Miami Heat Pump Units

Geothermal add-on accessories, parts, and components. Loop accessories related to installs. Complete install kits available for all loops, ground, well, river, lake, pond, and custom swimming pool applications.


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