High/Low Switches

             Overload Protection

             Condensate Pan Float Switch

             Anti-Short Cycle Protection

             Voltage & Phase Protection

             Condenser Fan Cycle Control

             Lock Out Relays


CABINET- Stainless Steel, Insulated Evaporator Section, Access Panels

O.A HOOD - with Bird Screen

DRAIN PAN- Stainless Steel, Insulated

BLOWERS- Galvanized Blowers & Housing

REFRIGERANT CIRCUITS- Thermal Expansion Valve 1 Circuit

EXCHANGER COIL- Coaxial Cupronickel Heat Exchanger

EVAPORATIVE COIL- Copper Tubes, Aluminum Fins

COMPRESSORS - Multiple High Efficiency

DISCHARGE - Down or Horizontal

FIN COATING - Corrosion Resistant

GUARDS - Condenser Coil


Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump Units


Roof Top Systems (RTU)

These High Efficiency Roof Top Units are an all-in-one package systems. Completely pre-charged with R410A. The units are built and designed to your specifications. Our standard units offer comfort cooling and 100% outside air applications. You can choose for a down or horizontal discharge. Geothermal WSHP models are also available.


  Add-on options available.

Dealers - Installers - Contractors Welcomed


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Geothermal Units






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Conventional Heating & Air Conditioning


Air & Heat Pump Systems

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HPRT180 - 15 Ton

HPRT240 - 20 Ton

HPRT360 - 30 Ton

HPRT480 - 40 Ton


Sizes up to 200 Tons Available

Design & Component Options:


Water Cooled Units - Cupro-Nickel Condenser Coils

Various Voltage Ratings

Hot Gas By-Pass

Heat Pump Units

Heat Recovery

Dual Point Power Connection

Quiet Package

Hot Water  /  Steam Coils

Low Ambient Package

Fire Alarm Relay

Variable Frequency Drive

Split Systems

100% O.A. Unit Features


Hot Gas Reheat Coil with Modulated Valve



Controls Leaving Air Temperature at Reheat Mode


Capacity Control