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HPX Water Source Heat Pumps are designed for high efficiency, durability, and easy service. Units are designed to minimize possible component damage if a problem occurs. The HPX water source series single packaged unit consists of a high efficiency compressor, air to refrigerant evaporator coil, water to refrigerant condenser coil, expansion valve, reversing valve, centrifugal blower, high efficiency motor, and a control panel with all necessary protection devices and safety circuit.


Units are designed to operate with an entering water temperature between 500F and 1000F (suitable for a cooling tower/boiler application) but an extended range is available down to 250F for Geo-Thermo applications. For a Geo-Thermo application; sufficient anti-freeze solution is to be used to avoid freezing of the heat exchanger and/or the water lines.

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Main Features:


Nominal Capacity of 12.0 80.0 tons

Stainless Steel Cabinet

Various Voltage Ratings

Galvanized Blower & Housings

High Efficiency Scroll Compressors

Cupro-Nickel Condenser Coils

Multiple Refrigeration Circuits

Diverse protections

Various Configuration options available

Water side Economizer

100% Fresh air applications

VFD- Variable frequency drive

Insulated Stainless Steel Drain Pan

High/Low Safety Switches

Overload protection

Phase Monitor, Voltage Protection

Anti Short Cycle Protection

Condensate Pan Float Switch

Water side economizer

Hot gas bypass, reheat


Belt Drive

Built and Designed for both Vertical and Horizontal Applications.

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